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Customer Success Stories

"I came to Olan Plastics with an idea crudely made from a piece of plywood sawn into a specific shape. Although Jim had no idea of why the product should be made, he took the time to listen and actually visit a facility that would typically use this product. After seeing and understanding my vision, Jim immediately worked to set up a team that we would need to get the product into the market. This included a design engineering group, tooling experts, packaging professionals, and even gave me guidance on getting the patent process in place.

Today, we are manufacturing high quality products at Olan Plastics that are optimizing order picking system in distribution/fulfillment centers throughout North America.

Olan Plastics made a monumental task a seamless process in a very enjoyable way. There was never a question that would go unanswered. The products produced have been of the highest quality, delivered on time.

I would highly recommend Olan Plastics as your business partner, for a startup company as ours or one that have been in business forever. Our experience has been excellent and we look forward to seeing our success grow with Olan Plastics."

- Michael Morrow

President, Carton Flow Slotting Systems

Abstract Futuristic Background

Olan plastics is much more than just a supplier for my company; they are more like a business partner who works as hard as I do to grow my business.

Dan Weisenbach
Weisenbach Recycled Products

Their efforts and expertise have translated into an immediate gain in our injection molding process knowledge — key to our product development.

Adrienne McKee, PhD
Technology Integration Manager
Solazyme, Inc

In a pre-hospital environment intraosseous infusion has become a standard of care when the need for rapid vascular access is necessary and peripheral access is unavailable.

SPX Systems

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